In conjunction with our supplier of safety spectacles, Industrial Eyecare, we offer a remarkably simple dispensing system. 

Instead of costly trips to the Optician, try the new E-Dispense system. An Area Manager will visit your site at your convenience and gather all the measurements needed for new spectacles in mere minutes. Entire groups of employees can be processed with minimal disruption.

Step One - Choose your frames
Adam_Banks.jpgA small selection of Industrial Eyecare's range is available to view here. Our Area Managers are also equipped with a host of samples for you to view and try on. 

Step Two - Provide a Prescription
Please bring a recent (under two years old) prescription with you. This will then be photographed for reference and a note made of the type of spectacles you require -- Distance, Reading, Bifocal or Varifocal.

Step Three - Say Cheese
Photos will be taken from the front and side, allowing Industrial Eyecare's state of the art software to calculate all the measurements required to produce your spectacles.

The above information and images will be emailed to Industrial Eyecare, who will then produce the spectacles and send them to you directly.

A process so simple, it is over in the blink of an eye.