Arden Winch is committed to conducting its business in a manner that does not limit the ability of future generations to enjoy the environmental benefits that we enjoy today.


The Facts

Arden Winch is registered for the Department of the Environment “Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 1997”. 

All waste cardboard is kept separately in a skip, and is collected for recycling by Quay Recycling based in Sheffield.

We have an agreement that all our office waste is collected by S & K Confidential of Mexborough to be shredded and recycled.

We also recycle our plastic waste, like milk containers and any food packaging.


Employee Responsibilities

  1. Turning off lights when not required.
  2. Turning down heating levels.
  3. Planning journeys to minimise fuel used on company business Now done via trackers that are fitted to every company vehicle.
  4. Shutting down PC’s when leaving work, not leaving these on stand-by.
  5. Reusing suppliers’ boxes for delivering goods to our customers.


Arden Winch Premises

Arden Winch has now moved two of its three sites to new build properties. We are currently looking at selling the third building.  These premises are insulated to the latest standards thus reducing the amount of energy needed to heat the buildings. The buildings also use new low voltage, energy-saving lighting. The below picture shows these lights that are run on magnets, they use 50% less energy and the bulbs last 20 times longer.



Arden Winch actively encourages the sale of products from our environmentally-conscious suppliers such as Selden Research, RJN Chemicals, Kimberly-Clark and SCA.


The Future/Ongoing

Arden Winch is taking action now to reduce its carbon footprint. The Company is taking advice from various sources on the following points:-

  1. Recycling more of our waste.
  2. Automating business processes to reduce the amount of paper used. Completed 01.04.2013.
  3. Using new innovations to reduce energy consumption, we are currently looking at Bio-fuels.


This is currently been looked at in conjunction with Business Link, BTCV and Whywaste.

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